Women's Discus Finals - Results

 Delta Timing Group - Contractor License                     4/10/2021 - 9:48 PM
              2021 Joe Walker Invitational - 4/9/2021 to 4/10/2021              
                         Ole Miss Track & Field Complex                         
Event 33  Women Discus
 Top 9 to Finals                                                                
     Stadium: $ 57.95m  3/31/2012   Jeneva McCall, Southern Illinois            
                58.00m  USOT OLY Trials                                         
    Comp#  Name                Year School                   Final                 
  1       Kimmel, Maura          Notre Dame              55.63m           182-06
      51.17m  42.55m  52.40m  55.63m  52.51m  52.34m                            
  2       Britt, Tedreauna       Ole Miss                52.23m           171-04
      46.08m  X  X  48.17m  49.61m  52.23m                                      
  3       Davis, Jalani          Ole Miss                51.92m           170-04
      47.61m  X  X  51.92m  X  X                                                
  4       Laufenberg, Sydney     Illinois State          51.38m           168-07
      49.53m  51.38m  47.75m  50.11m  X  49.75m                                 
  5       Mitchell, Jasmine      Ole Miss                49.00m           160-09
      38.64m  X  49.00m  X  X  X                                                
  6       Daily, Catie           Illinois State          47.79m           156-09
      47.79m  41.53m  45.82m  X  X  X                                           
  7       Stucker, Rebekah       Belmont                 46.47m           152-05
      44.99m  46.47m  46.30m  X  X  X                                           
  8       Byer, Macy             Illinois State          45.86m           150-05
      45.01m  45.86m  45.44m  42.09m  44.46m  43.95m                            
  9       Taiwo, Shey            Ole Miss               J45.86m           150-05
      45.86m  X  X  43.63m  44.07m  X                                           
 10       DeRosa, Tiara          Miss. Valley            44.72m           146-09
      X  43.18m  44.72m                                                         
 11       Bulai, Deborah         Ole Miss                44.35m           145-06
      44.35m  44.08m  43.72m                                                    
 12       Williams, Myejoi       Illinois State          43.01m           141-01
      42.03m  40.67m  43.01m                                                    
 13       Brown, Michaela        Miss. Valley            34.53m           113-03
      30.81m  30.82m  34.53m                                                    
 14       Neal, Tremaija         Miss. Valley            31.12m           102-01
      X  31.12m  31.07m